Salt free water filtration systems

best salt free water filter systems

What’s a Salt-Free Water Conditioner?

Salt-free water conditioners are an eco-friendly option for home whole house water filtration systems. The German-made scale prevention media neutralizes the hardness instead of removing it so it does not stick to your home plumbing or appliances.

How Does a Salt-Free Water Conditioner Work?

Salt-free water systems naturally neutralize the hardness of the water without the use of harsh chemicals, salt or brine discharge. The water passing through crystalized solution through precipitation while also lowering the surface tension of the water. The hard water minerals are not removed but “crystallized” and “neutralized” so they do not stick to surfaces, such as pipes or household appliances.

Salt-Free Conditioners Vs. Traditional Salt Based Water Softeners

Many companies promote Salt-free water conditioners as Salt-Free “Water Softeners.” This statement is not true as there is no salt-free system which will perform as a softener. Salt-based water softeners are scientifically proven to remove the hardness from the water through the process of ion exchange. They will make the water silky and smooth, reduce spots on your clothes, and reduce soap consumption by 50%. Salt-free water conditioners are designed for scale removal in your home. LiquaGen salt-free descalers are proven to reduce anywhere from 96 to 99% percent scale from your home.


LiquaGen salt-free conditioners are an excellent option if you don’t want the hassle of owning and maintaining a salt-based water softener. Salt-based softeners are not environmentally friendly and discharge harmful chemicals and salt brine back into the water supply.

The Salt-free systems waste zero water, require virtually no maintenance, no electricity and reduce scale build-up, therefore prolonging the life of appliances as well as home fixtures. By neutralizing the scale from plumbing and appliances, your home water pipes will be protected from corrosion. Combined with our combo kit, the unit will remove iron, manganese, Sulphur, bad taste, chlorine, odor, and sediment from the water providing healthier skin, hair and drinking water.