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Auto Shut Off Valve w/ Quick Connect Fittings for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water System

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? Top side of the valve is the high pressure side ? The bottom side of the valve is low pressure side. ? The high pressure from the pre filter housings goes to the (in) on the top of the valve. ? The high pressure (out) goes to the membrane housing "in". ? The membrane housing low pressure (out) connects to the (in) on the bottom side of the valve. ? The (out) on the bottom of membrane housing goes to the RO tank.
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  • Automatically shuts off when tank pressure reaches 65% of incoming line pressure.
  • Easy installation. Once Reverse Osmosis tank fills 2/3 of RO water the valve will automatically shut down system.
  • Save monthly over 1000 gallons of water and extend your water system membrane life 4 lines 1/4" quick connect fitting fits 1/4" Tube OD = Outside Diameter

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