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Commercial Grade RO/DI - 800 GPD System w/Dual Booster Pumps (40 Gallon Tank)

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LiquaGen - Reverse Osmosis + Deionization (RO/DI) - 800 GPD Commercial Grade Water Filtration System w/Dual Booster Pumps (40 Gallon Tank)
  • Rigorously tested & proven to remove 99% contaminants & even the smallest impurities for perfect 0 TDS water. .
  • Super-efficient 200 GPD RO membranes combine to provide up to 800 gallons of reverse osmosis water daily.
  • Quadruple-flow reverse osmosis membrane which reduce the waste water ratio to 1:1 in comparison to 1:4 in standard RO/DI systems
  • Pristine Nuclear Grade Deionization protection to polish even the slightest impurities for Analytical Grade Water
  • Built in TDS meter makes it easy to monitor the quality of water & understand when the RO filters need to be changed.