[0 TDS Water] - LiquaGen Water
[0 TDS Water] - LiquaGen Water
[0 TDS Water] - LiquaGen Water
LiquaGen Water

LiquaGen Water RO/DI Color Changing Resin Deionization | 3 LBS Bag MBD-30

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  • Premium quality replacement resin for aquarium systems, laboratory testing, and other applications where ultra pure 0 PPM water is necessary.
  • This tested product is sold exclusively only on LiquGen’s Amazon store with proper warranty and labelling. Other companies selling this product are counterfeits.
  • Supreme anion resin is a Type I strongly basic gel resin with an indicator dye that changes from blue to light brown as the resin exhausts. This makes it easier to know when to replace the DI.
  • Comes in air-sealed multi layered packaging to ensure a shelf life of 1 year | Easy to remove resin from the packaging.
  • When the resin starts turning brown is an indicator that it needs to be replaced.