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USA Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener Ships Loaded With Resin In Tank For Easy Installation

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Size:16,000 Grains  |  Color:Black Ships Loaded for easier installation. Never lose programming during power outage 5600 SXT water softeners Feature Solid state microprocessor with LED display. Time of day, remaining capacity, regeneration cycle in process Choose from 3 modes of operation immediate meter regeneration, delayed meter regeneration, or delayed time clock regeneration. NOVRAM valve status and memory backup. Fleck 5600 sxt metered on demand water softeners controller uses a microprocessor control monitors, measures and remembers your actual daily conditioned water usage. Fleck 5600 SXT Metered Water Softeners regenerates automatically when necessary, based on your actual conditioned water needs. Simple programming insures that the system operates at maximum efficiency. Saving you money on salt and water. Support During Installation and Programming. We love to help our customers UltraEfficient Whole Home Water Softener American Made Structural Tank With Label Pentairs Most Efficient Water Softeners works on Large Homes On City or Well Water FLECK 5600SXT ON DEMAND METERED WATER SOFTENER 16,000 GRAIN CAPACITY THIS COMPLETE WATER SOFTENER COMES WITH 0.50 CUBIC FEET OF HIGH CAPACITY RESIN 7x44 USA Labeled RESIN TANK 11x11x38 brine tank with safety float BYPASS COMPLETE SYSTEM 20X11X52 inches 5600SXT ON DEMAND METERED CONTROL VALVE

  • USA Structural Tank Ships Loaded With Resin In Mineral Tank for easier installation
  • Fiberglass Mineral Tank Labeled With USA Label
  • Comes standard with Upgraded Paddle Wheel Meter
  • Ships with resin pre loaded in fiber glass mineral tank for easier installation