Water Pressure (PSI) Regulator Valve

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LiquaGen's PSI reducer is designed to lower the psi levels to optimal levels. It's a great option if you have excessive water pressure and need to limit it. Simply insert this before your first stage to ensure no leaks and achieve optimal performance. Push-connect fittings ensure that no additional parts are needed for installation.
Fits under-sink, countertop, RO/DI, hydroponics, and any branded RO systems and ice makers.

Available in 1/4" or 3/8" push to connect inlets, match the size to your existing tubing to ensure optimal performance.

  • 40 PSI option limits the feed water to 40 psi. This pressure is ideal for non-reverse osmosis water purifiers or RO systems that have a non-adjustable booster.
  • 60 PSI option is frequently utilized for under-sink RO systems with pressurized storage tanks. Since water is not needed on-demand as the storage tank is continually filling, this option is ideal. It offers sufficient pressure for the membrane while also being stable enough to prevent leaks.
  • 70 PSI option is an excellent choice if you have high pressure and want to restrict it to the optimal 70 psi, which is essential for the best performance of RO systems. Higher pressure is often employed for applications where water is required more frequently and on-demand.

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