RO water storage tank

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Best Quality RO Storage Tanks

RO storage tanks are an essential part of the water filtration unit. With these tanks, you’re assured of a fresh and clean glass of water each time.

LiquaGen has a range of superior quality hydropneumatic pressure tanks, designed to fit in-line with your reverse osmosis system. The primary function of the storage tank is to collect the water that has been purified by the semipermeable reverse osmosis membrane.

But that’s not all! Since water is a precious commodity, our RO water purifier storage tanks ensure there is minimum wastage. They come with a sensory valve, which stops the creation of purified water when the tank is two-thirds filled.

Through decades of providing quality products at reasonable prices, LiquaGen has earned the trust of even the most discerning customers. So, if you’re looking for the best quality water filtration tank system for your home, you’re at the right place.

RO Storage Tanks for All Needs

We offer a wide range of water storage tanks in different sizes:

  • 3.2 Gallon Storage Tank
  • 2.8 Gallon Storage Tank
  • 4 Gallon Storage Tank
  • 11 Gallon Storage Tank
  • 16 Gallon Storage Tank
  • 34 Gallon Storage Tank

We also provide replacement tank valves for RO storage tanks. They have a 1/4” quick connect which makes their connection to most water systems easy.

Only the Best Materials!

At LiquaGen, we strive to provide our customers with the best products and services. That is why we ensure to use only the best materials. Our RO water purifier storage tanks have a virgin polypropylene shell and an internal dome made of steel. They also have a hell grade butyl rubber diaphragm. The inert nature of butyl ensures that the water stays completely safe and pure.

All the connections in our water filter storage tanks are made of patented stainless steel. The high quality of the materials allows you to get a pristine noncorrosive water chamber.

Unmatched Construction

At LiquaGen, our priority is to provide you with RO storage tanks with unmatched reliability and integrity. The deep drawn steel domes and precision weld seams give our tanks immense structural integrity. And their smooth internal finish significantly lowers the chances of abrasion damage.

Easy Installation

All our water storage tanks can be easily installed, without requiring a plumber. Our aim is to get our systems up and running with the least effort and time required. The tank can be placed under the sink or a cabinet near the faucet. Since full tanks can be heavy, it’s a good idea to place them on a secure structure. It’s super easy to get any replacement part you need, be it a replacement tank valve or a faucet.

LiquaGen has built an immaculate reputation of being a customer-centric water filtration company. This has been possible by offering the best products combined with excellent customer services. We provide our customers lifelong support. When you contact us, you get a real expert to address your queries, rather than a machine.

If you’re looking to buy a reliable water storage tank, you can place your trust in our products.