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High Quality Alkaline Water Filters

The optimal pH level of our blood is between 7,36 and 7.44. However, given our lifestyle and eating habits, with excess consumption of processed sugar, meats and dairy products, acidic ash is created in our body. Even the water in most US cities is slightly acidic, which only aggravates the problem. Some of the symptoms of having acidic blood are poor digestion, excess weight and feeling low on energy.

This is where LiquaGen’s alkaline water filters come in. These filters for home are specially designed to maintain an optimal pH level in your water supply. The pH level of water often drops when being passed through an RO membrane. The alkaline mineral drinking water filter helps to address this, making it a perfect addition to any water purification system.

Alkaline Filters for All Needs

At LiquaGen, we offer various models of alkaline water filters for home. These include:

  • Anti-Oxidant Mineral Water Filter, - ORP + pH Alkaline
  • 3 Stage - Inline Alkaline/KDF/Carbon Mineral Drinking Water Filter | 2" x 10"
  • pH Alkaline Mineral Water Filter
  • pH Alkaline Mineral + Post Polisher Water Filter

Engineered to Perfection

In the first stage of our alkaline water filters, the water passes through an alkaline mix. This improves the pH balance of the water from acidic to an alkaline level of at least 9.5. This reduces the concentration of hydrogen ions. It also kills pepsin, which is an enzyme that causes acid reflux.

The next stage is that of calcium calcite. This neutralizes acid in the bloodstream and improves energy levels and metabolism. It also helps in killing fungi and algae. Finally, the water passes through a carbon filter.

In the five-stage pH water filter system, the last stage is negative ORP. In this stage, the ORP of the water is reduced, which enhances its antioxidant properties.

If you’ve been looking for the best alkaline mineral drinking water filters, your search ends right here.