Sediment Groove Filter

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Sediment groove filter cartridges, available in two convenient sizes: 10 inches x 2.5 inches or 20 inches x 2.5 - 1. High-quality filters feature a grooved gradient density and multi-layered, melt blown design with a filtration capacity of 1 or 5 microns. Designed to fit any standard 10 or 20 inch RO and Whole House systems. 


  • Crafted from thermally bonded microfibers of 100% pure POLYPROPYLENE, LiquaGen sediment filters provide exceptional filtration. 
  • Free from binders, agents, solvents, antistatic materials, or wetting agents.
  • 5 filtration zones, these filters effectively eliminate a wide range of contaminants, including large and fine particles like sand, dirt, silt, and rust, ensuring clean and RO/DI water. 
  • Replace every 6-12 months depending on feed water quality and usage. 



  • 3M CFS110, American Plumber WP5
  • Aqua-Pure AP110
  • Bunn ED-S-1
  • Cornelius COR105, COR120
  • CostGuard P5
  • Cuno AP2005, CFS110
  • Dupont PFC5002, WFPFC5002
  • Everpure DEV9109-08
  • Manitowoc K-00069 & K-00173
  • NuCalgon 4712-87
  • OmniFilter RS14, RS14DS, RS14-DS, RS14SS, RS14-SS, RS4-D, RS4DS12
  • Pentek 155749-43, P5, PD-5-934
  • PureMark PFS105, Selecto 101-230,
  • Whirlpool WHCF-GD05
  • Pentair DEV9109-08, Pentair Water PD-5-10
  • Neo-Pure MBG-25098-05, etc
  • [COMPATIBLE HOUSINGS - Dupont PF 2800 Series Housings, Bulk Reef Supply, PF 3800 Series Housings, WFPF38001C. Fits most 10 inch Reverse Osmosis and Whole House filter systems.