1/4" Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump

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Enhance the performance of your reverse osmosis unit and resolve low water pressure issues in your household by incorporating the Liquagen Booster Pump. Boost your system's efficiency with this addition, which requires a separate transformer (available for purchase). If you already have an auto shut-off kit for your RO system or plan to install one, don't forget to get the high-pressure switch (sold separately). This booster pump is particularly suitable for systems without an auto shut-off valve. 

In the Box - 

  • Booster pump 
  • 1/4" 90 Degree fittings 
  • 5Ft. color coded white tubing 

Benefits of maintaining higher water pressures include:

Less wastewater: Higher water pressure can help optimize the performance of reverse osmosis systems, leading to an improved waste water ratio. By maintaining higher pressures, the system can operate more efficiently, reducing the amount of water wasted during the filtration process.

Improved membrane rejection performance: Higher water pressures enhance the membrane's ability to reject impurities and contaminants effectively. This results in better water quality and increased filtration efficiency.

Longer DI Life: When operating at higher water pressures, the membrane performs better, reducing the workload on the DI resin. This can lead to reduced resin consumption and longer lifespan for the DI resin cartridges, resulting in cost savings over time.