2400 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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  • LiquaGen Reverse Osmosis Membranes are made of the highest quality spiral-wound Polyamide and offer outstanding contaminant rejection at water pressures up to 125 psi.
  • Length: 11.75" Outside Diameter: 1.8". Fits all standard 2" x 12" RO membrane housings.
  • 98% rejection @ 50 PSI 
    • Replace at 3-year intervals or sooner if TDS levels increase beyond normal levels
    • This deliberate matching of design increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the contaminant rejection of the membrane along with optimizing the amount of reject water necessary to clean the membrane during normal everyday use

    Equals or surpasses all of the performance specifications of: 

      • Dow Filmtec 
      • CSM 
      • Toray 
      • WATTS 
      • GE Osmonics 

    Important Tips: 

    *Discard water that is produced from any new membrane for the first hour of water production. New membranes will have a coating on them to preserve the life of the product until the membrane is ready to use. 

    * Flush the membrane prior to use. 

    * If you're upgrading the membrane size do make sure to up the flow restrictor accordingly.