Auto Shut Off & Check Valve For RO Systems

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Auto shut off and check valves will allow your system to automatically turn off and on based on the activation of a float valve or pressurised storage tank. 

Most LiquaGen systems come with an auto shut off valve and check valve pre-installed. Certain entry level LiquaGen RO systems do not come with these parts as they're only needed with permanent installations where there is a constant flow of water feeding into the system. The flow of the water gets significantly reduced if you don't have a storage device which is why it's not installed on select units. 

The auto shut off valve and check valve are a must when storing the product water in bins (using a float valve) or pressurised storage tank. Without these parts the water will constantly run through the waste line even when the product water line is turned off. 

In the Box - 

  • 5ft food grade NSF tubing 
  • 1/4" quick connect auto shut off Valve
  • 1/4" quick connect inline check valve 

Special Note - If you've purchased an RO unit from us (5 stage 1-OT, 4 stage space saver 4-SS, or dual portable unit DP) please reach out and we will send this kit free of charge.