Clear Refillable Empty Cartridge

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Refillable cartridges are used to fill a wide range of medias such as DI resin, carbon, KDF, nitrate reduction etc. Includes a foam padding to ensure a leak free install. Make sure to tightly pack the media to ensure proper filtration. This is the most environmentally friendly and cost effective way of using cartridges. 

Available in 4 Sizes:

  • 2.5" OD x 10" L Cartridge (Standard - most used cartridge size for RO systems)
  • 4.5" OD x 10" L Cartridge
  • 2.5" OD x 20" L Cartridge
  • 4.5" OD x 20" L Cartridge

Process of refilling an empty cartridge:  

  • Unscrew the top cap from the cartridge. 
  • Remove foam padding. 
  • Pour in media. 
  • Pack tightly and keep on tapping on a counter to ensure all the media is securely inside. 
  • Media should be tightly packed to the rim. 
  • Put foam padding back inside and screw cap on.  
  • Make sure the top cap side of the cartridge is up when putting back in canister.

Important Note : Accurately filling a cartridge will ensure proper performance by preventing reverse osmosis treated water from passing through media.