Elbow Union Push Connect

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Available in multiple sizes. LiquaGen quick connect fittings are ideal for use on a broad range of applications; Reverse osmosis systems, media reactors, point-of-use filtration, beverage dispensing, ice makers, car washing systems, RVs, misting systems, and many more others. Made with NSF certified, FDA approved, and conforms to USDA NSF H1 recommendations. 

Fully compatible to Bulk Reef Supply, Marine Depot, AquaFX, SpectraPure, Aquaticlife,, Waterbox and many more RO/DI brands! 

LiquaGen fittings do not require the use of any special tools for installation and create a tight seal on many tubing types. They offer a compact design, high durability, ease of use, consistent quality, and an unparalleled cost to benefit ratio. 

Materials Of Construction - 

  • Body FDA/ POM (Polyacetal, Polyoxy Methlyene)
  • O-Ring / Nitrile (NBR)
  • Collet / Polyoxy Methylene & SS Teeth

 Fittings Working Pressure & Temperature Range -

  • Maximum 150 PSI (10 bar) @ 70 °F (20° C) 
  • Maximum 60 PSI (4 bar) @ 140 °F (60° C)
  • Minimum 33 °F (1° C) 

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