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TDS 342 PPM Calibration Solution

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To ensure accurate measurements, periodic recalibration of your meters is recommended, especially when testing TDS or conductivity levels across a wide or varying range.

  • Calibration solutions with NaCl composition are available in 342 ppm or 1000 ppm.
  • Supplied in lightweight HDPE plastic bottles sealed with a coated foam liner.
  • NaCl solution
  • Available in 342 ppm or 1000 ppm
  • 3 oz. bottles (88.7 ml)
Solution Conversions:
  • 342 NaCl = 362 as KCl; 478 as "442"; 700 µS
  • 1000 NaCl = 1060 as KCl; 1450 as "442"; 2000 µS

Additional Insights on Calibrating TDS/EC Meters & Testers:

Any brand of TDS meter can be calibrated using any brand of calibration solution.
The critical factors are the composition of the calibration solution and its specific value.

Calibration Solution Composition:

Use a calibration solution that matches your meter's conversion factor. For example, if your meter uses the NaCl conversion factor, select a NaCl calibration solution.
Some calibration solutions include equivalent values for alternate compositions, typically printed on the label or in the instructions.

Calibration Solution Values:

HM Digital meters are flexible and can be calibrated to any point within their range. For example, a TDS-4 with a range of 0-9990 ppm can be calibrated to any value within this range.