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Upgrade Dual Inline TDS Meter with Backlight DM-2

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HM Digital DM-2 Commercial Dual Inline TDS Meter is a robust solution for monitoring the performance of your reverse osmosis system. It boasts a more durable and water-resistant casing compared to the DM-1. This versatile tool allows you to monitor the TDS in two distinct locations, providing valuable insights into your system's efficiency.

Key features of the DM-2 include:
  • Tailored for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Enhanced water-resistant casing for durability.
  • Individual calibration for each water line.
  • Backlit display for easy reading.
  • Large LCD screen for clear visibility.
  • Extended, waterproof, shielded cables.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket for flexible installation.
  • Powered by two standard AA batteries for convenience.
For optimal performance, it is recommended to install the dual TDS meter after the RO membrane and post-DI stage. Monitoring these two readings will effectively notify you when it's necessary to replace the RO membrane and DI resin. The unit is equipped with a digital display and includes two 1/4" GA Murdock Quick Connect Tees, each with double o-rings to guarantee a secure seal. Just like all HM-Digital products, the DM-2 comes pre-calibrated. This DM-2 TDS meter represents an upgraded version of the DM-1 TDS Meter.