Color Changing Mixed Bed Deionization Resin

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When to Replace Media: 

  • As the media gets exhausted the resin will change color. This will give a good idea on when the media is expired. Usually the color change from green to light yellow when the media is about to get exhausted. 
  • Adding a TDS meter is the best way to know exactly when the media needs to be replaced. As the TDS creeps the media needs to be changed.
  • Inline Canisters 2" x 10" - 9 ounces 
  • Drop in Cartridges 2.75" x 9.75" - 1.25 Lbs
  • Proper Reverse Osmosis & Pre- Filtration : Adding a pressure gauge and visually monitoring pre filters along with a minimum of 50 PSI provides optimal performance for the membrane. The higher the rejection rate of the membrane the longer the DI will last. Essentially the DI is simply polishing off the remaining TDS of the membrane and therefore fewer TDS out of the membrane make the DI last a longer. 
  • We package each bag of media in air sealed bags with double protection ensuring a shelf life of 2 years. Even when you store the bulk media make sure it's always air sealed. The media depletes if exposed to air. 
  • Flush the membrane before and after using the unit will improve the quality of the membrane and therefore the media. 

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