RO accessories

Choose from a Wide Range of RO Accessories

Regular maintenance and repair of your RO system is critical to ensuring that your water supply continues to be clean and safe. This is also important for increasing the life of your water filtration system. Gift your water filter a longer working life, with reliable and durable RO accessories.

At LiquaGen, we offer you a range of RO accessories that meets our highest-quality standards. Our cutting-edge technology and years of experience ensures that you get the finest quality of water filter accessories and components at the most affordable prices.

Our RO accessories are compatible with water filters manufactured by most leading brands, including:


Our Vast Range of RO Accessories

Choose from our range of RO accessories that have set an industry benchmark in reliability and durability. Our range includes:


Auto Shut-off Valve: These valves shut off automatically when the pressure of the tank reaches 65% of the incoming line pressure. With the help of this valve, you can save more than 1,000 gallons of water every month.

Moreover, the life of your system’s water membrane also gets extended. The expert design of the valve means that installing it is a breeze.

Inline Ball Valve: Your health and safety are top priority for us. This is the reason we use only the best materials. Our inline ball valves are made of high-quality, nontoxic and food-grade polypropylene material. These valves can be easily installed in no time. Once installed, water leakage would be a thing of the past. We also provide 4 feet of food-grade tubing along with each valve.

Drain Saddle Valve: These valves connect the drain tube of the RO system to the sink’s drainpipe. The standard size of the drain saddle is 1/4". Only a brief assembly is required with these valves.

Chrome Faucet Diverter Valve: Our exceptional quality diverter valves can be attached to most kitchen faucets. Installation of these RO accessories is easy and does not require the services of a plumber. You get 4 feet of tubing along with a male adapter.

PSI Reducer: These are pressure valves that reduce pressure and resist water hammer. These valves ensure protection and long life of your RO system.


Check valve: This small and inexpensive component is critical for the proper functioning of a water filter system. If the check valve falters, it will prevent the system from shutting off properly when the tank is full, resulting in significant water wastage and damage to the system.


Apart from these, we also provide high-quality float valves for reverse osmosis water filtration systems.


Other Accessories


Garden Hose Adapter: With the help of our garden hose adapter, you can connect to any standard male hose thread/bib.


Reverse Osmosis Flow Restrictor: Our flow restrictors are easily inserted into the drain line of the water filtration system. The preferred OD of the drain line is 1/4". Our restrictor is compatible with compression fittings as well as quick connect.


Tube Cutter: A tube cutter is an essential part of an RO setup. With the help of our tube cutter, you would be able to cut tubes like a pro and prevent leaks.

O Ring: We provide a pack of three high-quality O rings. The diameter of these rings is 9cm and they work well with standard 10" water filter housing.

Housing wrench: This small tool can make it super convenient to tighten or loosen filter housings in RO water filtration systems. Made of plastic, it is corrosion resistant.

Fittings Quick Connect: When installing a tube in a fitting, this quick collet grips the tube firmly to hold it in place. With this RO accessory, you’ll be able to work in confined environments with greater ease.

Tubing: Made of plastic, our tubing is corrosion resistant and has low moisture permeability. Available in 1/4” and 3/8”, our tubing is easy to cut and highly flexible, with a small bending radius.

RO Faucets: Our reverse osmosis faucets come in distinct color choices, including brushed nickel, polished chrome and oil rubbed bronze.  

Apart from these, we provide RO water filter canister housing wrench, booster pumps and reverse osmosis faucets. We have helped people get access to clean water for more than 125 years. By choosing our RO accessories, you would be putting your faith in our experience of serving thousands of satisfied customers.