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RO/DI Water Filter for Aquarium

LiquaGen ro/di systems

Add Longevity to Your Aquarium with RO/DI Filtration Systems

Buying an aquarium is not enough, you need to take care of the fish too. Did you know that ordinary tap water contains chlorine and various other chemicals that are harmful for both freshwater and saltwater fish? So, the most important part of having a thriving aquarium is choosing the right RO/DI system for aquarium.

A Wide Range of Aquarium Filtration System
At LiquaGen, we offer a wide variety of ro-di water filter types for small and large aquariums. Apart from the size, it is also important to know the benefits of deionized water vs. reverse osmosis water. While using reverse osmosis system for aquarium, water is cleansed of solids, but still contains salts. The opposite is true for DI water. So, both are used together to get clean water.
Check out our selection of the highest quality Reverse Osmosis (RO/DI) systems to give your fish ultra-pure water. We have aquarium RO systems with 4 stage, 5 stage, 6 stage, and 7 stage water filters. Our 7-stage filter uses UDF activated carbon, coconut carbon, RO membrane and deionization cartridges as aquarium filtration media.

Pioneers in Water Filtration Systems
At LiquaGen, we take pride in our combined experience of over 125 years to bring you the best & advanced aquarium systems. When you buy from us, our relationship doesn’t end at the purchase. Our skilled support team is always ready to help you so that you can make the most of your aquarium filter.