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Whole house water treatment system

Get the Ultimate Whole House Water Filtration System

Clean water is a basic necessity. Despite this, a large number of Americans do not have access to pure and soft water. We, at LiquaGen, believe that every household should have access to clean water. This is why we’re committed to providing high quality whole house water filtration systems at very reasonable prices.

Do You Really Need a Whole House Filtration System?

It is natural to question whether you really need a full house water softener and filter system. The real question to answer is how much you value your health and the well-being of your loved ones.

With a whole house filtration system, you can have clean water flowing through all the pipes at your home. The carbon filters make the water safe for your health. Our whole house water purification systems remove a wide range of contaminants, like sand, scale, rust, chlorine, sediments, silt, dirt and heavy metals.

Our filter systems remove 97% of chlorine and other chemical contaminants found commonly in water in urban areas and well water supplies. We also offer the best water softener systems which are designed to protect you from the harmful effects of hard water.

As many as 85% of homes in North America have hard water flowing through the pipes. If you’re unsure whether your home is among these, it’s a good idea to get your water tested. Water with high hardness levels can lead to costly plumbing issues and cause scaling on tiles and bathroom fittings. What’s worse, hard water is a major culprit for causing acne, skin rashes, hair loss and dryness.

By choosing our whole house water filtration systems, you can prevent all these skin and hair damage as well as prolong the life of all your fittings and appliances. Our systems guarantee 99% scale prevention!

Engineered to Perfection!

We have perfected the design of our whole house water filtration systems over many years, so you get the maximum benefits. You can choose from one of these three categories of water softener and filter systems:

Salt Free Conditioners

These are great for scale prevention and do not use any harsh chemicals or salt.

We offer two models under this category:

  • Salt-Free Water Conditioner + 1,000,000 Whole House Water Filter System
  • Salt-Free Water Conditioner + 1,000,000 Whole House Water Filter System + UV

Water Softeners

Our water softeners remove all the hardness with the help of resin beads. These specially designed beads swap calcium and magnesium minerals for sodium.

The water softeners are available in three models:

  • Whole House Salt Based Water Softener
  • Salt Based Water Softener + 1,000,000 Gallon Water Filter System
  • Salt Based Water Softener + 1,000,000 Gallon Water Filter System + UV

Whole House Filters

Our whole house filters ensure pure water without using electricity. The filter removes rust, sand, silt and dust particles. The activated carbon in the system removes trihalomethanes, chlorine, objectionable taste, odor and color.

We offer three models under this category:

  • EZ Compact Install Whole House Water Filter System
  • 600,000 Gal. Water Filter System
  • 1,000,000 Gal. Water Filter System

Our whole house water purification systems are DIY. However, if you have any installation issues, we’re happy to help.

For Times When Only the Best Will Do

We, at LiquaGen, provide high-quality products and customer-first services. All our filters have been crafted using the best materials. Since there are no middlemen, you can be assured of attractive prices and great value for money. We’re known for our friendly customer support. When you call us, you are greeted by one of our experts, rather than a robot.

With 125 years of experience in the water filtration industry, LiquaGen is a name you can trust.